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  We know that everyone would love to have a very special magnet to call their own, but maybe you just don't know or remember the personal likes and/or dislikes of the object of your affection when it comes to a new magnet for the fridge. Never Fear !!! all you have to do is purchase a Gift Certificate, and then turn them loose on the site to do their own shopping!

  We offer four different amounts, but if you want to purchase one in a larger denomination, just send us a brief email telling us how much you want to spend and it will be specially arranged just for you. Just click and shop, you will receive the gift certificate number via email along with a certificate attached to the email which you can print out for personal gift giving. You then give your gift, and sit back and wait to see which glorious magnet (s) are chosen with your generousity. The gift recipient will be able to use the gift certificate to shop online, by mail, or by telephone. The Gift certificates are good for 180 days from the date of purchase.
    Gift Certificate:   $  5.00
    Gift Certificate:   $10.00
    Gift Certificate:   $15.00
    Gift Certificate:   $20.00
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